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Time to Choose Electives for the 

2021-2022 School year!

6th Grade Electives


Beginning Band

This one-year course is designed for any student who has the desire to develop the ability to play a brass, woodwind, or percussion instrument. The course involves applying the basic fundamentals of reading music, playing techniques, and performance procedures. Students will be given the opportunity to perform in concerts and school activities. There is a $40.00 supply fee for band. This is an elective course appropriate for grade six or seven.


Beginning Guitar

This one-year course will consist of two semesters of Guitar. The course is designed as an introduction into playing the guitar. Students with no previous guitar experience will receive guidance and direction in solving problems related to playing the guitar on a beginning level and the techniques for producing and evaluating pitch, tone, dynamics, and rhythm patterns. There is a $40.00 supply fee for guitar. This is an elective course appropriate for grade six or seven.


Beginning Orchestra

This one-year course is open to students who would like to learn to play a stringed instrument. These instruments are violin, viola, cello and double bass. This course concentrates on the development of note-reading skills, aural skills, rhythmic patterns, intonation and tonality. Emphasis will be placed on having a variety of performing experiences. There is a $40 supply fee for orchestra. This is an elective course appropriate for grade six or seven.


Beginning Choir

This one-year course is designed as an introductory study in basic vocal production and music fundamentals. Major topics include beginning vocal performance skills, live performance opportunities, and the study of basic vocal literature including a range of historical periods and cultures. Instructional practices incorporate integration of diversity awareness including appreciation of all cultures and their important contributions to society. The appropriate use of technology is an integral part of this course. This is an elective course appropriate for grades six through eight. This is an elective course appropriate for grade six, seven, or eight.



This multifaceted course will include age-appropriate content determined by the teacher which explores selected speech, life skills, peer interaction, community orientation, and similar activities. Units may include Art, Social Studies 6, Study Skills, and/or math based enrichment activities.

7th and 8th Grade Electives will be variations of these classes.

Select your grade for the 2021-2022 school year and complete the form.

2020-2021 Student Information Packets

Please download this file of documents on students' responsibilities and read through them with your parents and discuss the expectations that will be placed upon you.

Once you have read through the documents, have your parents fill out the appropriate Google Form in place of signatures that are normally required.  These forms need to be filled out by September 18th.

Swainston Fees

Cash or Money Orders Only

No bills over $20.00

Explorations/Art:  $10.00

Beg/Adv Band:  $40.00

Guitar:  $40
Orchestra:  $40

P.E. Clothes (set) $20
P.E. Shirt Only $12
P.E. Shorts Only $12

Sports Packet $10

(For Cheerleading, Boys/Girls Basketball tryouts, and Boys/Girls Soccer)

Composition Notebooks
$1 Each