Complete this incident report with ALL of the required information. The report will be sent to the SSO. A staff member will call you to the SSO when they are able to speak with you. DO NOT go to the SSO until someone calls you out of class.

Students, Do You Need To Talk To Someone?

Counselors and Social Workers are available between 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM even during holidays.

Call 702-799-6632

Swainston Fees

Cash or Money Orders Only

No bills over $20.00

Explorations/Art:  $10.00

Beg/Adv Band:  $40.00

Guitar:  $40
Orchestra:  $40

P.E. Clothes (set) $20
P.E. Shirt Only $12
P.E. Shorts Only $12

Sports Packet $10

(For Cheerleading, Boys/Girls Basketball tryouts, and Boys/Girls Soccer)

Composition Notebooks
$1 Each