The Clark County School District has the right to insist that the dress and grooming of students be within limits of generally accepted community standards and that students shall be required to show proper attention to personal cleanliness. The Clark County School District Regulation 5131 has established that student attire, personal appearance, and conduct are required to be of such character as not to disrupt or detract from the educational environment of the school. Any style that tends to diminish instructional effectiveness or discipline control by a teacher is not acceptable. The school administration has the right to designate which type of dress, fashion, fads or appearance disrupts or detracts from the educational program and may be a potential safety hazard. 

I.  All shoes are required to have soles, shoelaces, and/or straps. House slippers, slides, flip flops, sandals with open backs, and shoes with wheels are not permitted.
2. All clothing must be sufficient to conceal any and all undergarments. No skin will show between bottom of shirt/blouse and top of pants or skirts at any time. All sleeveless shirts must have straps at least three inches wide. Prohibited tops include, but are not limited to, crop tops, tank tops, strapless, sleeveless, low-cut clothing, clothing with slits, or tops and outfits that provide minimum coverage.
3. All shorts, skorts, skirts, and jumpers/dresses must be at fingertip length.
4. All jeans, pants, and trousers must be secured at waist level. Sagging is strictly prohibited. Jeans, pants, and trousers are not to have rips or tears that expose undergarments and/or are located mid-thigh or higher. 
        *Addition per administration- There will be no rips, frays and/or tears in any clothing. No leggings, Spandex, or yoga pants unles worn under skirts and dresses.  Leggings, Spandex, and yoga pants
 may not be worn under torn jeans or pants.*
5. Headgear (hats, hoods, caps, bandanas, hair grooming aids, etc.) is not permitted on campus  with the following exceptions:  designated school approved uniforms, special events, authorized athletic practices, documented medical conditions, bona fide religious reasons, or CCSD/school sanctioned activities.
6. Slogans or advertising on clothing, jewelry, buttons, and/or accessories which by their controversial, discriminatory, profane, and/or obscene nature disrupt the educational setting are prohibited.
7. Any clothing, jewelry, buttons, and/or accessories that promote illegal or violent conduct, or affiliation with groups that promote illegal or violent conduct such as, but not limited to, the unlawful use of weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or drug paraphernalia, or clothing that contains threats are prohibited.
8. Spiked or studded clothing, jewelry, and/or accessories are prohibited.
9. Outerwear such as hoodies, Jackets, windbreakers,sweatshirts with a zipper, coats, mittens, and scarves must be removed upon entering the classrooms/buildings. Administrators, teachers, and staff may use their discretion as appropriate based on the temperature in the facility.  Appropriate attire must be worn under all outerwear.

10. Earrings-No large hoop earrings are to be worn, as it is a safety issue.

11. Nose Rings-must be studded piercings, no hoops are allowed.