About Swainston Middle School

Our Principal's Welcome,


It is indeed a pleasure to welcome all of our returning students and our new students to the 2020-2021 school year! The teachers and staff are excited and look forward to sharing many academic experiences with our students. As principal of Swainston Middle School, I want all of our students to be ready for learning and engaged in their classrooms. As we send our children to their new teachers, and for many to a new school, I hope that you will join me in setting high expectations from day one: high expectations for challenging and engaging instruction, for strong and regular communication from teachers and the school, and most importantly high expectations for what your child can achieve this year.


​Lori Desiderato

Our Mission

Our staff strives to accelerate learning for all students, while holding high expectations for student achievement.

Our Vision

Our purpose is to provide an academic, as well as a safe environment for all students, in order for them to become well-rounded, independent individuals.